Trial and Triumph Episode 19. Jody Mitic and Jay Strickland. The importance of the buddy check.

Master Sniper, Politician, Arrowhead Coffee Ambassador, amongst countless other things.  Jody Mitic and Jay Strickland of Rockwell Woodworking have a down to earth chat about the importance of the buddy check.  One thing 3 infantry dudes will tell you is you can’t go it alone, and need to look after each other.  This doesn’t stop when we leave service.  There are some great stories and points in here! Find Jody on instagram @the_real_jodymitic Is an ambassador for Arrowhead Coffee Company: Find Jay on instagram @rockwellwoods39 If you’d like to see more Honey Badger project about Strength and Resilience it can be found here:
Episode 19. The buddy check with Jody Mitic and Jay Strickland

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