Episode 11. Jay Baker.

“Do you think you’ll like it?  I don’t know I’ve never tried it before.”  This is a fantastic episode from Jay, owner of Tactical 74.  When leaving service, is it identity loss or should we look at it as a new mission objective?  In this episode we discuss not only what happens, and how it feels to suddenly be taken from the thing you’ve given most of your life to.  We also discuss how to soldier on in a different capacity.  Jay has also picked up an interesting hobby because of this switch in lifestyle, one he never thought he’d enjoy.  Get out there and try stuff!  You never know what you may potentially find joy in.

Jay and Tactical 74 can be found here:  https://www.tactical74.com/

To find out more information about the Honey Badger Alliance project, it can be found here: https://gobadger.co

We also spoke about Quilts of Valor, an amazing project that can be found here: https://www.quiltsofvalour.ca/

Cultivating strength and resilience by leading example.

Trial and Triumph – Episode 11. Jay Baker.

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