Safe Spaces, Legit or Bullshit?

I’ve asked some people on this one, and the idea of what safe spaces SHOULD be are definitely muddy.  The general understanding of them is dumpster fire garbage.  The REAL definition of them though?  Something we all need.–are-they-legit-or-bullshit-e15r3vd

2 thoughts on “Safe Spaces, Legit or Bullshit?”

  1. MD Ellsworth

    I agree that the connotations of safe spaces is a little off. they can be useful, and have kept me from blowing my lid in some agressive situations. safe spaces can even be in our own minds.

    1. Absolutely. It just needs to be somewhere that we can quietly and objectively unpack and analyze an experience. That can literally be anything that fits the user’s needs.

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