Inner Demons – Unity we like it or not, the monster inside is here to stay. Let’s make it work for us. What concept would make us feel afraid to be on the other side of? A wild animal that completely destroys things, but can also be lead around by the nose, goaded emotionally, and can be lead into a trap? Or a beast fully in control, able to infuse itself with extra power, energy and drive when needed; but also one that can plan out more efficient ways to beat us? Another spin on the above example. Powerful, scary animals such as lions and tigers are in zoos. They are in there because we put them there. We did not confront these animals directly and went toe to toe with them. We used their instincts against them and lured them into a trap because they are predictable. What if these powerful creatures were capable of analytical, rational thought? Nature has blessed us with the gift of heightened levels of ability when we need it the most. This gift is meant to be used at the time. If it isn’t, then this gift can become a curse if we let it. Like nitroglycerin, this gift of monster blood is highly potent but highly unstable and unpredictable. It’s best to use it sparingly if at all. We do this by putting in the effort of making our physical bodies stronger. It gives us more confidence that we can competently manipulate ourselves physically and some elements of our environment better. The body both physically and chemically is better braced to handle the shock of stressors. While a monster needs physical ability to be kept in check we also need to understand the monster so it takes less physical energy to do so. Our understanding of ourselves, of others, how we interact with each other all plays an important role in how we navigate perilous environments and people. In knowing the cues, the prompts, and avoiding emotional “sucker punches” meant to throw us off we can then direct the monster accordingly as we need it. The aftermath, and reflection are also important. Many times we may feel grief, guilt, shame, or regret for actions we’ve taken. Understanding how the human functions under stress in relation to an incident helps us understand at certain points the monster has taken over and we are not making decisions in a fully rational capacity. Somewhere along the journey, we may even stop looking at the monster as a separate entity. We may realize that the monster is just the collection of all the ugly things in life that we refused to confront, deal with, downplay, and let go of at various points in our lives. It steps in to deal with undesirable circumstances and events.  The social friendly human as we know it and on the other end of the spectrum, are just fractured opposing sides of us. One operates in the socially accepted norms, doing everything to be a nice person. The other end is the being that simply does not care and exists only for fighting and surviving. Balance exists in the middle. Understanding these concepts and living this way opens up a new level to operate on. We understand that people may be going thru any of the things in this or the previous two articles. This helps us to be less judgemental of others. It helps to identify if our friends or family may actually just need help or support as opposed to more confrontation leading to arguments and destruction of relationships. On the other end of the spectrum, when dealing with people who intentionally wish harm upon us…this frees up the full might of the monster to be effectively funneled and channeled intelligently in their direction. Life is about balance. Rejecting one side of the spectrum to the point where we give it filthy names like demons, monsters, etc. serves only to push those experiences further away in an attempt to disown them. We are lying to ourselves in trying to disown a part of us that we don’t like or aren’t proud of. Making peace with the fact that we as humans sometimes must confront adversity to protect others from true monsters means that we sometimes must let a bit of our own aggressions out to be successful. Understanding both sides of the spectrum and balancing them out ensures that we are stronger than when we are split between the fractured parts we create. There are 2 other articles that are companion to this one.  They can be found here:
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