Inner Demons – Taming the Body

Once upon a time, there was a person full of life and energy. This person had ambitions and interests. Started work in an exciting new career. Joined sports teams to feel the comradery, enjoy competition, and form new friendships. Found a new hobby and enjoyed learning a new skill. Somewhere along the line. It turned into a struggle to get out of bed. It was a chore to do small things around the house. That hobby? It got put off for a couple days, then a week, into the next year. That person was just too tired, or not interested on this particular day. Maybe tomorrow? No idea, it’s just too much to think about right now. I am sure by now some of this may sound familiar. In fact it’s a widespread epidemic in many of today’s jobs as the stress/workload is quite high. I’ve seen this described as a biological rollercoaster. We’ll call it being infused with monster blood. How does it work? When we have stress introduced, and it doesn’t matter if it’s an imminent physical threat or a verbal confrontation the same thing happens. We get a rush of chemicals into our body – known as the chemical cocktail. With the rush of these chemicals it puts our whole body into high performance mode. In the self defense world this is also known as fight, flight, or freeze and is tied directly to survival. We have tons of strength, and performance. The only problem is this system is for bailing us out of life threatening emergencies. We live in times with a lot more security and a lot more exposure to people. This increases the chances of situations that cause stress and anxiety for non-survival type reasons. Like many of the fantasy movies where a normal everyday person inherits some kind of super human powers, there’s always the downside which is premature wear and tear. The host human usually has heroic abilities at the cost of substantial drain on their life force. The same is true if you keep a constant trickle of monster blood in your system, which is sadly quite common. What do we do? We purge the monster blood out of our system. In making ourselves strong of our own efforts, we don’t need as much extra help. We feel more confident in ourselves and our abilities, are naturally stronger, and we can understand events and people more clearly and use our brain. More importantly, it biochemically flushes your system out. Replacing the lingering chemical cocktail components out and replacing them with healthier ones. This is easier said than done. The monster wants to be in control. That’s why we feel worn out and lethargic when we’re on our own time. We get all this performance boost with no effort exerted when our limbic system perceives we need it. It wants to stay in our veins, it wants to rule. It can feel great and intoxicating at times and like an addict we want to keep the high going. Time to take a stand and do things on OUR terms. It’s easy for us to defeat ourselves. “I’m tired.” “I’ll do it later.” “I’ll do it tomorrow.” “I don’t have time.” We’ve got all these things, it just takes the proper nudge to get going. Try this – have a mild exercise plan to ease into. This is why warming up is important as it primes the body and gets things flowing. Once we get that heart rate and body temperature up a bit, you’ll be glad you did it. We may start to feel more relaxed, mellower, and things may be less irritating. We may make some new friends, some great connections for business, even become an instructor or facilitator down the road if we stick with it. For now though, let’s just get into action. Need more proof? Check out the Honey Bader Alliance podcast: Trial and Triumph. There’s a common theme shared by the guests as part of what they did to get themselves back in their own fight. This article is companion to 2 others.  They can be found here:
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