Trial and Triumph – Episode 12. Corey Hatt.

Corey Hatt is truly an amazing individual to listen to.  He was deployed overseas to Afghanistan on Op Medusa which was during the height of the conflict period over there.  Whether it’s improving personal life, or leadership attributes, Corey has dropped quite a bit of useful, actionable suggestions here to help make life better.  These are all tools and tactics learned from baring down, staring adversity straight in the face and tackling it head-on.

Corey is the CEO of Mad Hatter Industries, and can be found here:  on instagram at madhatterindustries, and finally FaceBook at Mad Hatter Industries

If you’d like to know more about the Honey Badger Alliance Project it can be found here:

Trial and Triumph – Episode 12. Corey Hatt.

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