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Trial and Triumph – Episode 16. Lauren Cleveland

Two Corrections Officers have a chat about the challenges of the job, and constructive applications of the frustrations from the work.   We share different perspectives, and different solutions to the common problems that plague the environment and the individual. Lauren runs a program for the spouses of first responders, more information can be found here:

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Is “Be Nice” Harmful Advice?

Some of the most well intended, but ultimately harmful advice is “Be nice”.  Have we created a generation of doormats?  Being nice at all costs invites a host of problems at the individual level. The original intent, I suspect is to help us be more pro-social.  Acceptance into groups offers social status and security, and

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Can Corrections be a Good Career?

Corrections is one of the most punishing careers out there.  We are surrounded by society’s proven worst by their actions.  The environment is full of manipulative, violent predators who hate us just for the crest we wear on our shoulder. Can we make corrections into a good career?  Read on, and judge for yourself. “Corrections

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Why are Stress and PTSD Rates Alarmingly High in Corrections?

Despite having many less deadly violent incidents than police or military, why are stress, PTSD, and suicide rates so high in corrections? Soldiers and police deal with violence at extreme levels where guns and other weapons are involved. The stakes are high and the consequences are deadly. Soldiers and police use tools, and the procedures

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Inner Demons – Unity we like it or not, the monster inside is here to stay. Let’s make it work for us. What concept would make us feel afraid to be on the other side of? A wild animal that completely destroys things, but can also be lead around by the nose, goaded emotionally, and can be lead

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You need you.
Your families and loved ones need you.
The team needs you.

What are you doing today so you don’t let them down? 

Honey Badgers never give up and neither should we.
You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for.

The goal from day one and onward is promoting the tools and procedural ways to build better, stronger versions of ourselves by leading example.  Do your best, because you truly never know who is watching.

Warrior Mindset

The warrior mindset is balance.
Without strength, we cannot defend.
Without knowledge, we cannot best direct our efforts. 

Without heart, we lack the will to act.

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