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Safe Spaces, Legit or Bullshit?

I’ve asked some people on this one, and the idea of what safe spaces SHOULD be are definitely muddy.  The general understanding of them is dumpster fire garbage.  The REAL definition of them though?  Something we all need.–are-they-legit-or-bullshit-e15r3vd

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We Need More Savagery!

While it sounds ass backwards that we need more violence and savagery in our lives, it just may be what the doctor ordered for better mental health.

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Trial and Triumph Episode 18. Chris Gore

This is a great down to earth talk with a man whose had his life come crumbling down and rebuilt from the ashes anew.  Chris is a member of our group that’s been growing daily.  Chris has really taken charge of his own life, and is a living inspiration for the rest of us. If

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Trial and Triumph

Trial and Triump Episode 17. Jon Aldworth – TCBG

Jon and Grant talk about the effects of volunteering as a first responder at a young age and the impact that has on a developing mind.Jon owns Tactical Canuck Battle Group which is THE central hub to find all the other Canadian Veteran businesses, and a description of what they are about.We covered a few

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Trial and Triumph – Episode 16. Lauren Cleveland

Two Corrections Officers have a chat about the challenges of the job, and constructive applications of the frustrations from the work.   We share different perspectives, and different solutions to the common problems that plague the environment and the individual. Lauren runs a program for the spouses of first responders, more information can be found here:

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You need you.
Your families and loved ones need you.
The team needs you.

What are you doing today so you don’t let them down? 

Honey Badgers never give up and neither should we.
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The goal from day one and onward is promoting the tools and procedural ways to build better, stronger versions of ourselves by leading example.  Do your best, because you truly never know who is watching.

Warrior Mindset

The warrior mindset is balance.
Without strength, we cannot defend.
Without knowledge, we cannot best direct our efforts. 

Without heart, we lack the will to act.

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